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We have listed our answers to the most frequently asked questions. Can't find the answer to yours? Feel free to reach out to us!
Can I book a quizmaster? 💡
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Of course you can: whether it's a business party or a wedding, we'd be glad to host your party. However: the minimum amount of players is 20. We prefer to host your event at a physical location (just because it's more fun to actually see each other in real life), but playing online is also an option. The game will take up 1 to 3 hours. It's up to you how long you want us to host the game. During breaks, we'll provide you the best music. After the game we like to stick around for a very danceable afterparty.

Currently, we'll only be able to host your event on a (physical) location within The Netherlands or Belgium. We'd love to host your event by video call though!

How does payment work? 💶
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Well, let's enjoy the event first, shouldn't we? Afterwards, we'll send you to the invoice by e-mail. We'll ask you to pay this invoice within 30 days. Good to know: the more players during your event, the lower the price per player. Would you like to calculate your price in advance? Feel free to use our price calculator.

What about the rest of my planning? 🗓️
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Playing on a (physical) location? Our quizmaster will be there 90 minutes before you'd like to start the game.

Quizness is played in rounds. One round equals one hour. ⏱️ You can choose to play 1 round (equivalent to 1 hour), but also to play 2 or 3 rounds (equivalent to 2 or 3 hours). The price per player remains the same and is therefore not higher or lower for more or fewer hours. After each one hour we'll pause Quizness automatically. You're able to manually pause (and resume) Quizness at any time. This can be done with the controls on your phone. During breaks, but also after the game has ended, we provide you with the best music. After the game is finished, we do this for a maximum of 3 hours. 💃

Which edition of Quizness will be played? 📃
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During your event we'll play a dedicated, non-public edition of Quizness. This means that this edition is not publicly available on our website and is therefore new for every participant: fair chances to everyone!

Are there prizes to be won during an event? 🏆
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That's up to you and your friends! While ordering Quizness, we'll ask you if you'd like to include some prizes, like Ticketmaster Gift Cards or free months of Spotify Premium. Rather shop for prizes yourself? Just exclude prizes from your order.

Can we play online? 💻
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We prefer to play at a physical location, but (fully) online is also an option. Don't worry: playing on location is not our preference because the game wouldn't work well online, but because we like to see a lot of interaction between participants. Do you want to play online? Then our quizmaster ensures that everyone is visible on the joint screen (for example with video connection) and that there is good communication between each player.

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